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A computer mouse is an indispensable element of any desktop computer, and will also be a great addition to laptops. It cannot be denied that in order to adjust it properly, you must first of all pay attention to its type, as well as the way in which it will be used. Another mouse is recommended for gamers, and another for standard office activities. The most important parameter is also your own preferences. So what kind of computer mouse to choose to fully use its potential?
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Laptop power adapter - what to look for when buying?

Unlike the laptop itself, the power adapter is treated much less carefully. This results in quite a frequent damage to the cord or to the plug. Unfortunately, without the power supply equipment, your laptop is completely useless. Therefore, after malfunction of the adapter, it becomes necessary to find a new hardware with a specific technical parameters.

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Lenovo ThinkPad T450s Ultrabook Review


Let the games begin! Equipped with an Nvidia GeForce 940M, the ThinkPad T450s can cope with 3D applications and games - and that for a relatively low extra charge.


Thanks to a 8800 mAh battery capacity, record-breaking runtimes should be possible.

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Apple and Microsoft’s visions for the future are delightfully different


Microsoft’s evolution over the past few years has brought it closer to Apple than ever before. Just like its old nemesis, the Windows company now sells its own phones and tablets, gives away OS updates for free, and runs a large network of retail stores.


The first flagship Microsoft Store is, in fact, being set up only a few blocks away from Apple’s iconic cube on Fifth Avenue. But dig below these skin-deep similarities and shared geographies, and you’ll find two fundamentally different strategies.

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Th3 announcement
Dear customers, we kindly inform you that on On 8/08/2021, the LAPTOPSHOP store was temporarily closed due to random events. We make every effort to be able to restore the store to operation as soon as possible. Product returns will be possible after the store is reopened. Thank you for understanding.
Toshiba to partially withdraw from consumer notebook market


The manufacturer will downsize its availability of consumer notebooks to focus on the more lucrative business sector.


Rumors were already widespread earlier this month, but they can now be seen as official as Toshiba has announced its "Toshiba Revitalization Action Plan" that will focus on B2B.

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USB Type-C - no more mistakes when trying to plug in


Playfully referred as biggest first world problem - eternal problem with the attempt to insert the USB plug upside down has now been resolved.


Symmetrical USB Type-C plug works regardless of which side is inserted into the slot. Kneeling under the desk in search of a suitable side of a USB plug is thing of the past. It's the end of the frustration caused by attempts to connect USB devices to the laptop.

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Welcome to one of the largest, probably best-stocked stores offering spare parts for laptops. Here you will find almost everything that is needed to repair your notebook. We offer keyboards, batteries, dc jacks, cases, screens, cables, fans, hinges and power adapters. We operate as a legally registered company in Poland, which is why you have the assurance and guarantee of successful, legal purchases. We guarantee help and professional advice. The idea for an online store in this industry was born out of passion and customer demand. First, we ran a laptop repair service, then came up with a plan to create an online store for our customers. We offer a wide range of products, immediate and safe shipping, advice and safety of personal data. We wish you successful shopping.
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